Personalized customization
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  3D printing, on account of its technical advantages of personalization and rapid prototyping, is being applied by more and more enterprises for personalized design and manufacture.


◆ High-end jewelry customization

  Seine precision casting series 3D printing technology can provide high precision application solution for high-end jewelry customization industry, which can perfectly resolve the manufacture problem, but not quickly and accurately display the design idea due to unique modeling during the jewelry customization. With 3D printing optimization technology, the rapid customization of jewelries can be achieved.


◆ Personalized footwear development

  By applying Seine multi-material 3D printing technology, the design performance of various hardness material and color scheme can be easily achieved, and the early phase functional test can be fulfilled, which make the rapid design and development process come true. Meanwhile, according to the application requirement of shoemaking industry, the specialized 3D printing equipment and material can be customized and developed as per needs.