The product name

J501 3D printier

The product description
Product parameters
Molding platform specification
500*400*300 mm
Maximum resolution
600*600*1600 dpi
Maximum molding size
495*395*295 mm
The print head
The channel number
The nozzle number
The nozzle 2560
Types of materials
Support for loading 6 materials
Print accuracy
Full-size model 0.1mm

Product display


Sailner J501 has adopted the independent research and development of science and technology of white ink filling type (WJP) nozzle 3 d printing, more can be done by 2 group a total of 2560 fifth generation high-precision nozzle spray hole, after the polymer will be digital on-demand jet print through light curing. Sailner J501 can print water-soluble supporting materials while printing photosensitive resin-forming materials, so that it can be formed once, so it can be easier to remove the supporting structure without damaging the printing parts.

Multi-mode selection, color molding


Smart digital manufacturing technology

Multicolor printing press on demand


1、Multi-color print hard or soft color model;
2、High quality fine print mode, full color fine print;
3、The forming size is larger, which fully meets the printing demand of large size model;
4、Better integrated operating costs.

Sailner J501


Product advantage

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Product model


Basic configuration

Maximum resolution


The print head


The nozzle number

The nozzle 2560

The channel number

8 channel

Types of materials

Support for loading 6 materials

Print accuracy

Typical values

Full-size model 0.1mm

Molding size

Maximum molding size


Molding platform specification


Forming thick

The biggest thick

HS pattern: 23μm【print】

The minimum thickness

HQ mode:16 μm


Support to remove

Manual/high-pressure water gun removed

Surface treatment

Hand polishing and glazing
Software functions

Software functions

User interface is intuitive, automatic display, automatic generation support, instant stratification, working hours 
assessment, change material and color, manage work queue and perform daily system maintenance.

※Change ink for automatic cleaning of ink

Material selection
Optional material range
  1. RGD series transparent molding material 
    Hard transparent cyan molding material RGD100LC 
    Hard transparent red molding material RGD100LM 
    Hard transparent yellow molding material RGD100LY 
    Hard transparent molding material RGD100T 
    Hard transparent molding material (blue phase) RGD100TC
    2、RGD series opaque molding material 
    Hard opaque blue - forming material RGD100C 
    Hard opaque red molding material RGD100M 
    Hard opaque yellow molding material RGD100Y 
    Hard opaque white molding material RGD100W
    3、FLX series molding material 
    Flexible transparent material FLX900T 
    Flexible cyan molding material FLX900C 
    Flexible red molding material FLX900M 
    Flexible yellow molding material FLX900Y

4、Support material SUP5000

Appearance of size
Appearance of size

1480 x1090 x 1350mm


Machine weight


System compatibility
The operating system

Windows 7/Windows 8,64

The network connection

The network connection


The power supply

Power requirement

110-240 VAC 50/60 Hz;

Operating conditions


Temperature 18-25 °C (64-77 °F);Relative humidity 30-70% (No condensation)






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