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Keep innovation, and open up for operation

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2017/06/27 14:07
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Since its inception, Seine Technology has been always concentrating on technology research and development and product application and development in the printing output industry, which lays a solid technological base for independent innovation perseverance from 2D business industry to 3D additive manufacturing technology industry. Printing industry is featured of high technology, high risk, big investment and high patent protection, which requires great technological innovation ability to develop. The technological innovation capability is a significant symbol of the enterprise’s core competition.


Seine Technology is a new high-tech enterprise based on technology innovation and core patent, which is always devoted to technology research and development and manufacturing in the printing output industry. It has developed the printing equipment and consumables with independent technology, covering from 2D printing to 3D printing domain.




Seine has the most professional and comprehensive laboratories in the industry and has set up a printing technology research and development team with totally independent R&D capability. It has hundreds of independent proprietary technologies and legal use authorization for some patents, and having built a proprietary technology platform leading in the industry. 




Seine Technology actively carries out industry-university-industry cooperation with renowned universities and research institutions at home and abroad. It has set up united research platform with Wuhan University, Dalian University of Technology, Zhejiang University etc., strongly supporting enterprise technology innovation and development.



In 2008, it cooperated with Dalian University of Technology to establish a National Key Laboratory in fine chemical engineering - Zhuhai research and development center;

In 2011, the national integrated circuit public service platform - Seine Science and Technology Innovation Center was officially established;

In 2011, it cooperated with Wuhan University to complete the development of image processing techniques;

In 2012, the embedded system engineering center of Ministry of Education - Zhuhai Research and Development Center was established;

In 2012, Zhejiang University - Seine Science and Technology Co-laboratory was established;

In 2017, it built Cardiovascular Medicine 3D Printing United Laboratory with Guangdong provincial People’s Hospital;




While greatly developing technology research and development, Seine also pays attention to talent cultivation. It has devoted to building intelligence platform for a long time and has achieved rapid development by relying on technological superiority and talent superiority. In order to cultivate inter-disciplinary talents, the company bears the talent philosophy outlook of “progress or fall behind”, carries out talent concept of “talents need to be found and cultivated” to continuously reform and explore new teaching model and training method, which greatly enhances the training effect. The company cooperates with numerous advisory bodies and training agencies, and establishes technical training of different levels for employees throughout the year, which greatly promote the company’s overall technology research and development level.

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