Development path

In 2017, it successfully developed and launched China’s first professional piezoelectric direct injection full color multi-material 3D printer, marking another new breakthrough in Chin’s 3D printing industry. 

In 2016, it funded with 3.9 billion dollars through subsidiary listed companies in successfully acquiring the international printing tycoon Lexmark, reforming the industry structure.

In 2015, Seine Technology WJP multi-material 3D printing technology achieved huge breakthrough, laying the foundation for piezoelectric direct injection color multi-material 3D printing technology.

In 2011, the national-level printer industry co-construction research and development platform - Seine Science and Technology Innovation Center was officially established in Seine Industrial Park.

In 2011, the world well-known financial and economic media Fores Chinese version was released in Shanghai and Seine Technology ranked the fourth.

In 2010, Seine Technology developed China’s first laser beam printer with independent core technology and made the grand release in the Grand Hall of the People.

In 2010, Seine Technology obtained the National New High-tech Enterprise affirmation.

In 2008, Seine Technology entered into the top three of the global laser beam printer compatibility and renewable consumables industry.

In 2007, Seine Technology obtained the STMC accreditation issued by Standard Triaxial Method Commission.

In 2006, Seine Corporation was incorporated.