Corporate vision

  Company spirit: loyalty, factualism, progress and win-win

  Corporate mission: Create value for the society, provide service for the customers and realize the dream of the employees.

  Corporate vision: To be the leading science and technology service-type enterprise in the printing industry.

  Management aim: Pay close attention to the customer demand with the devoted and professional mind, take the lead with superiority competition, and carve the niche in the market with the high quality products.

  Talent concept: Boundless talent standard and talent demand. Excellent employees are the

fundamental driving force of enterprise development. What glitters is the gold, and the

talents need exploitation and cultivation.

  Corporate responsibility outlook: The employees

are in responsible for theenterprise and the

enterprise is in responsible for society.

  Corporate service outlook: Customer satisfaction is our sole choice.

  Corporate quality outlook: Quality standard is clear and specific, and that is customer satisfaction.