Demonstrations of authorized service center applicant qualifications


  In order to standardize and guarantee the service quality and technology ability of Seine 3D printer after sales service system, according to Seine 3D printer technical feature and current condition of after sales service, we hereby make the provisions towards the companies which apply to join Seine 3D printer after sales service system.

  I. Qualifications of Applicant Companies

  1. Legal limited liability companies registered within the territory of China that has legal business operation and work place.

  2. The business scope of the company shall include mechanical equipment (or IT equipment) maintenance and the like.

  3. The company registered capital is above 1 million RMB and has sound financial condition.

  4. The company can issue maintenance fee or service fee invoice.

  II. After Sales Service Experience and Personnel

  1. It must be professional after sales company or sales and after sales company.

  2. The personnel must have at least one 3D printer brand service authorization or at least 3D printer maintenance ability for one brand.

  3. The personnel who is familiar with or possesses jet type photocuring 3D printing technology equipment maintenance service experience shall prevail.

  III. Basic Requirements

  1. At least one service coordinator must be equipped as the contact person of the service.

  2. The personnel must guarantee at least five working days every week as normal working hours.

  IV. Technology Situation

  1. At least one technician who has at least two years’ experience in printer maintenance must be equipped.

  2. Necessary maintenance site and tool or instrument must be equipped.


  The above are the conditions for applying for authorization of Seine 3D printing after sales service center. Zhuhai Seine Technology Co., Ltd. will check the material submitted by applicant companies after one-site assessment to determine whether to cooperate or not.

  After confirming the qualifications of the applicant companies, Seine will communicate with the applicant companies about the service procedure and main articles of agreement and so on, and after agreed by both parties, Seine will send the electronic version of cooperation agreement to the applicant companies and officially authorize the companies.

  About guarantee deposit for replacement: every branch equipped with replacement shall pay RMB 50000, and Seine will return the guarantee deposit within 15 days after the two parties terminate the agreement and settle other payment.


  Appendix: the material submitted by applicant companies

  1. Company profile

  2. Copy of Business License Duplicate (with latest annual inspection record)

  3. Copy of Tax Registration Certificate

  4. The completely filled Company Basic Information Questionnaire

  5. One resume of the printer technician

  6. Photo of the company applying for maintenance service center authorization


  Seine 3D authorized service center franchise hotline: 0756-6259111

  Service support time: 8:30-18:00 every week